9 Best N or M? Quotes by Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie’s detective fiction novel “N or M?” features her characters Tommy and Tuppence.

It was initially published in the United States in 1941, and later that year in the United Kingdom.

During WWII, the protagonists’ attempts to find a spy are central to the plot.


Let’s explore some of the best quotes from N or M? novel.

N or M? Quotes by Agatha Christie

There is always something about conscious tact that is very irritating.“ ~ Agatha Christie (quote from N or M?).

Flattery, in Tuppence’s opinion, should always be laid on with a trowel where a man is concerned.“ ~ Agatha Christie (quote from N or M?).

“To know when to use the truth was the essence of successful deception.” ~ Agatha Christie, N or M?.

Like most Englishmen, he felt something strongly, and proceeded to muddle around until he had, somehow or other, cleared up the mess.“ ~ Agatha Christie (quote from N or M?).

I have often noticed that being a devoted wife saps the intellect,’ murmured Tommy.“ ~ Agatha Christie (quote from N or M?).

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Quotes from N or M?

You’re frightfully BBC in your language this afternoon, Albert,’ said Tuppance, with some exasperation. Albert looked slightly taken aback and reverted to a more natural form of speech. ‘I was listening to a very interesting talk on pond life last night,’ he explained.“ ~ Agatha Christie (quote from N or M?).

“You do not know the force of the German propaganda. It appeals to something in man, some desire or lust for power. These people are ready to betray their country not for money, but in a kind of megalomaniacal pride in what they themselves, were going to achieve for that country. In every land it has been the same. It is the Cult of Lucifer- Lucifer, Son of the Morning. Pride and desire for personal glory!” ~ Agatha Christie (quote from N or M?).

Truth of it is,’ said Commander Haydock, steering rather erratically round a one-way island and narrowly missing collision with a large van, ‘when the beggars are right, one remembers it, and when they’re wrong you forget it.“ ~ Agatha Christie (quote from N or M?).

Is it coding – or code breaking? Is it like Deborah’s job? Do be careful, Tommy, people go queer doing that and can’t sleep and walk about all night groaning and repeating 978345286 or something like that and finally have nervous breakdowns and go into homes.“ ~ Agatha Christie (quote from N or M?).



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