35 Misery Quotes by Stephen King

Stephen King’s book Misery is a psychological horror thriller that was originally published in 1987.

The plot revolves on a renowned novelist who is being kept captive by his “number one fan” in a distant place.

The novel is well-known for its graphic and frightening portrayal of torture.


It has been hailed as one of King’s greatest works, as well as really scary.

We have selected some of the best quotes from Misery novel for you.

Best Misery Quotes by Stephen King

“Writing may be masturbatory, but God forbid it should be an act off auto-cannibalism.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“The thought that grieving for a fictional character was absurd did more than cross his mind during his tossings and turnings. For grieving was exactly what he was doing, of course.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“Art consists of the persistence of memory.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“It’s always wise to check your maybes.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“The proverb says revenge is a dish best eaten cold, but Ronson Fast-Lite had yet to be invented when they made that one up.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“The two things are like apples and oranges, Annie. People who tell stories usually can’t write stories.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“A brave man could think. A coward couldn’t.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“I am your number one fan.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

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Famous Misery Quotes by Stephen King

“There may be fairies, there may be elves, but God helps those who help themselves.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“He lay back, put his arm over his eyes, and tried to hold onto the anger, because the anger made him feel brave. A brave man could think. A coward couldn’t.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“When you own a piano, it’s harder to think about moving.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“I am in trouble here. This woman is not right.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“He felt as he always did when he finished a book — queerly empty, let down, aware that for each little success he had paid a toll of absurdity.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“Confucius say if man want to grow one row of corn, first must shovel one ton of shit.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“There are lots of guys out there who write a better prose line than I do and who have a better understanding of what people are really like and what humanity is supposed to mean – hell, I know that.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“He had discovered that there was not just one God but many, and some were more than cruel — they were insane, and that changed all. Cruelty, after all, was understandable. With insanity, however, there was no arguing.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“Only a silly person would try to start a good work with a bad tool.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“Such an ego simply forbade certain lines of thought.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“Writers remember everything…especially the hurts. Strip a writer to the buff, point to the scars, and he’ll tell you the story of each small one. From the big ones you get novels. A little talent is a nice thing to have if you want to be a writer, but the only real requirement is the ability to remember the story of every scar. Art consists of the persistence of memory.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

Quotes from Misery by Stephen King

“When you lived in the funhouse, the laff riot just never stopped.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“She was crazy but he needed her. Oh I am in so much trouble he thought, and stared blindly up at the ceiling as the droplets of sweat began to gather on his forehead again.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“The work, the pride in your work, the worth of the work itself…all those things faded away to the magic-lantern shades they really were when the pain got bad enough.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“I thought you were good, but you are not good. You are just a lying old dirty birdie.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“In the dark, rationality seemed stupid and logic a dream. In the dark he thought with his skin.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“A little talent is a nice thing to have if you want to be a writer, but the only real requirement is that ability to remember the story of every scar.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“The climate inside her, he had come to discover, was like springtime in the Midwest. She was a woman full of tornadoes waiting to happen, and if he had been a farmer observing a sky which looked the way Annie’s face looked right now, he would have at once.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

Top Misery Quotes by Stephen King

“Depressives kill themselves. Psychotics, rocked in the poison cradles of their own egos, want to do everyone handy a favor and take them along.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“It was all right to hope and noble to strive, but in the end it was doom alone which would count.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“In a weird way it was just too good to put down. It was like a novel so disgusting you just have to finish it.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“Annie was not swayed by pleas. Annie was not swayed by screams. Annie had the courage of her convictions.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“One of the key rules to survival here on the scenic Western Slope was, to wit, When Annie’s treatin, you best be eatin.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“Good advice was sometimes easier to give than receive.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“If you want your freedom so badly, Paul,” Annie said, “I’ll be happy to grant it to you.” She pulled back both hammers.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“If you get those legs of yours talking, Paul, they won’t shut up.” ~ Stephen King (Misery).

“If you promise to be good Paul you can have a piece of birthday cake but you won’t have to eat any of the special candle” ~ Stephen King (Misery).


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