31 Lucky Quotes by Alice Sebold

“Lucky” is a memoir written by Alice Sebold and was published in 1999.

The book describes her experience of being raped by a stranger during her freshman year at Syracuse University in 1981 and the aftermath that followed.

Lucky Quotes by Alice Sebold

We have listed some of the best quotes from Lucky book.

Best Lucky Quotes by Alice Sebold

“You save yourself or you remain unsaved” ~ Alice Sebold (Lucky).

“My life was over; my life had just begun.” ~ Alice Sebold (Lucky).

“No one can pull anyone back from anywhere. You save yourself or you remain unsaved.” ~ Alice Sebold (Lucky).

“Who would have thought something that happened that long ago could have such power?” ~ Alice Sebold (Lucky).

“I live in a world where two truths coexist: where both hell and hope lie in the palm of my hand.” ~ Alice Sebold (Lucky).

“I forgive you,” I said. I said what I had to. I would die by pieces to save myself from real death.” ~ Alice Sebold (Lucky).

“We are all prisoners but some of us are in cells with windows and some without.” ~ Chapter 11, Page 213 ~ Alice Sebold (Lucky).

“If I shut my eyes, I believed, I would disappear. To make it through, I had to be present the whole time.” ~ Alice Sebold (Lucky).

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Famous Lucky Quotes by Alice Sebold

“Magically I became story, not person, and story implies a kind of ownership by the storyteller”. ~ Chapter 6, Page 105 ~ Alice Sebold (Lucky).

“You could not be filled with hate and be beautiful. Like any other girl, I wanted to be beautiful. But I was filled with hate.” ~ Alice Sebold (Lucky).

“…memory could save, that it had power, that it was often the only recourse of the powerless, the oppressed, or the brutalized.” ~ Alice Sebold (Lucky).

“She had done instinctively what few people do in the face of a crisis: She had signed on for the whole ride”. ~ Chapter 1, Page 36 ~ Alice Sebold (Lucky).

“Fires were horrible, no doubt, but what I became obsessed with was how they seemed, inevitably, to mark a change”. ~ Chapter 2, Page 43 ~ Alice Sebold (Lucky).

“I was trying to prove to them and to myself that I was still who I had always been. I was beautiful, if fat. I was smart, if loud. I was good, if ruined.” ~ Alice Sebold (Lucky).

“Learn a language of another country and then you can go to that country: a place where the problems of your family will not follow. A language they do not speak.” ~ Alice Sebold (Lucky).

“When I was raped I lost my virginity and almost lost my life. I also discarded certain assumptions I had held about how the world worked and about how safe I was.” ~ Alice Sebold (Lucky).

Great Lucky Quotes by Alice Sebold

“Since then I’ve always thought that under rape in the dictionary it should tell the truth. It is not just forcible intercourse; rape means to inhabit and destroy everything.” ~ Alice Sebold (Lucky).

“I explained myself like this: I did not feel adamant about saying no, but I also didn’t feel adamant about saying yes, so until I felt strongly one way or another, I’d stick with no.” ~ Alice Sebold (Lucky).

“Tess was my first experience of a woman who had inhabited her weirdness, moved into the areas of herself that made her distinct from those around her, and learned how to display them proudly.” ~ Alice Sebold (Lucky).

“I was unable to recognize something that I would come up against time and time again. You could not be filled with hate and be beautiful. Like any girl, I wanted to be beautiful. But I was filled with hate. So how could I be both..?” ~ Alice Sebold (Lucky).

“After telling the hard facts to anyone from lover to friend, I have changed in their eyes. Often it is awe or admiration, sometimes it is repulsion, once or twice it has been fury hurled directly at me for reasons I remain unsure of.” ~ Alice Sebold (Lucky).

“News slipped out and the world didn’t explode and eventually I could count on passing out. I had a headache in the morning and I always threw up, but Jamie, and everyone, it seemed, liked me when I was drunk. The added bonus: I often didn’t remember much.” ~ Alice Sebold (Lucky).

“In the tunnel where I was raped, a tunnel that was once an underground entry to an amphitheater, a place where actors burst forth from underneath the seats of a crowd, a girl had been murdered and dismembered. I was told this story by the police. In comparison, they said, I was lucky.” ~ Alice Sebold (Lucky).

Top Lucky Quotes by Alice Sebold

“For Lorenz, virgins were not a part of his world. He was skeptical of many things I said. Later, when the serology reports proved that what I had said was not a lie, that I had been a virgin, and that I was telling the truth, he could not respect me enough. I think he felt responsible, somehow. It was, after all, in his world where this hideous thing had happened to me. A world of violent crime.” ~ Alice Sebold (Lucky).

“By the time I was eighteen, she had sat me down and detailed her alcoholism, its onset and aftermath. She believed that by sharing such things I might be able to avoid them or, if need be, recognize them when they occurred. By talking about them to her children, she was also acknowledging that they were real and that they had an effect on us too, that things like this shaped a family, not just the person they happened to.” ~ Alice Sebold (Lucky).

“My father worked behind closed doors inside the house, had a huge ancient Latin dictionary on a wrought-iron stand, spoke Spanish on the phone, and drank sherry and ate raw meat, in the form of chorizo, at five o’clock. Until the day in the yard with my playmate I thought this was what fathers did. Then I began to catalog and notice. They mowed lawns. They drank beer. They played in the yard with their kids, walked around the block with their wives, piled into campers, and, when they went out, wore joke ties or polo shirts, not Phi Beta Kappa keys and tailored vests.” ~ Alice Sebold (Lucky).

“I now think that was distanced me from Tricia and from the Rape Crisis Center was their use of generalities. I did not want to be one of a group or compared with others. It somehow blindsided my sense that I was going to survive. Tricia prepared me for failure by saying that it would be okay if I failed. She did this by showing me that the odds out there were against me. But what she told me, I didn’t want to hear. In the face of dismal statistics regarding arrest, prosecution, and even full recovery for the victim, I saw no choice but to ignore the statistics. I needed what gave me hope, like being assigned a female assistant district attorney, not the news that the number of rape prosecutions in Syracuse for that calendar year had been nil.” ~ Alice Sebold (Lucky).


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