25 Dreaming of You Quotes by Lisa Kleypas

Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas is a historical romance novel about Sara Fielding, a quiet and isolated woman who leaves her country cottage to research a novel.


I have curated a list of greatest quotes from Dreaming of You novel.

Dreaming of You Quotes by Lisa Kleypas

“These impossible women! How they do get around us!” ~ Lisa Kleypas (Dreaming of You).

“When you’re ready to leave, Worthy will take you to the carriage.” ~ Lisa Kleypas (Dreaming of You).

“He’ll survive,” he answered her. “Just as he’s survived everything else in his life. But he’ll never be the same.” ~ Lisa Kleypas (Dreaming of You).

“She had never experienced the pain of unsatisfied desire before. It hurt. It hurt like nothing she’d ever felt, and there seemed to be no remedy.” ~ Lisa Kleypas (Dreaming of You).

“You can’t change the truth. You can act as though you’re deaf and blind, you can walk away from me forever, but the truth will still be there, and you can’t make it go away.” ~ Lisa Kleypas (Dreaming of You).

“She was everything he’d ever wanted, beauty and fire arching against his despoiling hands.” ~ Lisa Kleypas (Dreaming of You).

“No. But I understand her. Life makes people what they are.” ~ Lisa Kleypas (Dreaming of You).

“Dressed in a lemon-colored gown made of cashmere, with sleeves of a silk so thin it was referred to by dressmakers as peau de papillon, or “butterfly skin,” Lily was breathtakingly beautiful.” ~ Lisa Kleypas (Dreaming of You).

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Quotes from Dreaming of You

“If any one of those fine barons or viscounts had been born in the rookery, they wouldn’t have turned out any better than I did. Noble blood counts for nothing.” ~ Lisa Kleypas (Dreaming of You).

“Oh, very simple,” Derek jeered. “It doesn’t matter that I was born a bastard. She deserves nothing better than a man with a false name, fine clothes, and a sham accent. It’s not important that I have no family and no religion. I don’t believe in sacred causes, or honor, or unselfish motives. I can’t be innocent enough for her. I never was. But why should that matter to her?” ~ Lisa Kleypas (Dreaming of You).

“The physical attraction was powerful, but more irresistible than that was the alarming feeling he had when he was near her…a feeling that came perilously close to happiness. No man on earth was less entitled to that than he was.” ~ Lisa Kleypas (Dreaming of You).

“A long time ago I learned not to explain things to people. It misleads them into thinking they’re entitled to know everything I do.” ~ Lisa Kleypas, Dreaming of You.

“I love you,” he repeated hoarsely, burrowing against her. “I would have given my life to have one more day with you, and tell you that.” ~ Lisa Kleypas (Dreaming of You).

Famous Dreaming of You Quotes

“Derek cuddled his daughter against his shoulder and spoke in a mixture of baby words and cockney, a language only she seemed to understand.” ~ Lisa Kleypas (Dreaming of You).

“If something is easily given, they’re indifferent to it. If something is withheld, they want it desperately.” ~ Lisa Kleypas (Dreaming of You).

“I’m not here now. This isn’t happening. You’re just visiting a dream of mine.” ~ Lisa Kleypas (Dreaming of You).

“You’ve always asked me to wait, as if we had time in abundance. But time is too precious, Perry. We’ve wasted years, when we could have been with each other. Don’t you understand how much even one day of loving each other is worth? Some people are separated by distances they can never cross. All they can do is dream about each other for a lifetime, never having what they want most. How foolish, how wasteful to have love within your reach and not take it!” She clamped her teeth on her trembling bottom lip to steady herself.” ~ Lisa Kleypas (Dreaming of You).

“Separately they had different strengths. Together they were complete.” ~ Lisa Kleypas (Dreaming of You).

“A long time ago I learned not to explain things to people. It misleads them into thinking they’re entitled to know everything I do.” ~ Lisa Kleypas (Dreaming of You).

Powerful Dreaming of You Quotes

“Dear Lord,” she said in a strangled whisper. “I can bear it for a while…but please don’t let it hurt forever.” She was motionless.” ~ Lisa Kleypas (Dreaming of You).

“She’s mine, he had said… and her heart had throbbed in answer… recognizing it as truth.” ~ Lisa Kleypas (Dreaming of You).

“Derek.’ There was an odd smile on her face. ‘Your cockney is showing.” ~ Lisa Kleypas (Dreaming of You).

“He was so far from the gallant knights in her romantic fantasies … He was tarnished, scarred, imperfect. Deliberately he had destroyed any illusions she might have had about him, exposing his mysterious past for the ugly horror that it was. His purpose had been to drive her away. But instead she felt closer to him, as if the truth had bonded them in a new intimacy.” ~ Lisa Kleypas (Dreaming of You).

“She was aware of the movement of his lips as he pressed soundless words in her palm. He released her, and the look he gave her seemed to reveal the depths of his lustful, longing, bitter soul. “Good-bye, Miss Fielding,” he said hoarsely.” ~ Lisa Kleypas (Dreaming of You).


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