15 Best Destiny Disrupted Quotes by Tamim Ansary

Tamim Ansary’s book ‘Destiny Disrupted’ presents the narrative of world history from the time of Mohammed until the collapse of the Ottoman Empire from the viewpoint of the Muslim community.


I have curated top quotes from Destiny Disrupted: A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes book.

Destiny Disrupted Quotes by Tamim Ansary

“Many religions say to their followers, “The world is corrupt, but you can escape it.” Islam said to its followers, “The world is corrupt, but you can change it.” ~ Tamim Ansary (Destiny Disrupted).

“World history is always the story of how “we” got to the here and now, so the shape of the narrative inherently depends on who we mean by “we” and what we mean by “here and now.” ~ Tamim Ansary (Destiny Disrupted).

“One side charges, ‘You are decadent.’ The other side retorts, ‘We are free.’ These are not opposing contentions; they’re nonsequiturs.” ~ Tamim Ansary (Destiny Disrupted).

“Justice became a commodity that only the rich could afford.” ~ Tamim Ansary (Destiny Disrupted).

“Those wretched refugees still mired in the camps.” ~ Tamim Ansary (Destiny Disrupted).

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Quotes from Destiny Disrupted

“Here are two enormous worlds side by side; what’s remarkable is how little notice they have taken of each other. If the Western and Islamic worlds were two individual human beings, we might see symptoms of repression here. We might ask, “What happened between these two? Were they lovers once? Is there some history of abuse?” ~ Tamim Ansary (Destiny Disrupted).

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds,” comes from ancient Persia.” ~ Tamim Ansary (Destiny Disrupted).

“Privileged men showed off their status by keeping their womenfolk out of public life and hidden from view in the private quarters of their households. The psychology underlying this custom was (I think) the feeling that a man’s honor – which really means his ability to hold his head high among his fellow men – depended on his ability to keep any women associated with him from becoming the objects of other men’s sexual fantasies.” ~ Tamim Ansary (Destiny Disrupted).

“In short, this or that behavior wasn’t good because scripture said so. Scripture mandated this or that behavior because it was good, and if it was already good before scripture said so, then it was good for some reason inherent to itself, some reason that reason could discover.” ~ Tamim Ansary (Destiny Disrupted).

“Zoroaster preached that the universe was divided between darkness and light, between good and evil, between truth and falsehood, between life and death. The universe split into these opposing camps at the moment of creation, they had been locked in struggle ever since, and the contest would endure to the end of time.” ~ Tamim Ansary (Destiny Disrupted).

Best Destiny Disrupted Quotes

“Necessity, it turns out, isn’t really the mother of invention; it’s the mother of the process that turns an invention into a product, and in late-eighteenth-century Europe, that mother was ready.” ~ Tamim Ansary (Destiny Disrupted).

“The identification of courage with truth pops up often in history, even in our day: talk-show host Bill Maher was kicked off network TV for suggesting that the suicide hijackers of 9/11 were brave. Common decency demands that no positive character traits be associated with someone whose actions and ideas are vicious. Unfortunately, this equation enables people to validate questionable ideas by defending them with courage, as if a coward cannot say something that is true or a brave man something that is false.” ~ Tamim Ansary (Destiny Disrupted).

“Omar directed the Umma for ten years, and during that time he set the course of Islamic theology, he shaped Islam as a political ideology, he gave Islamic civilization its characteristic stamp, and he built an empire that ended up bigger than Rome. Any one of these achievements could have earned him a place in a who’s who of history’s most influential figures; the sum of them make him something like a combination of Saint Paul, Karl Marx, Lorenzo di Medici, and Napoleon.” ~ Tamim Ansary (Destiny Disrupted).

“Some seven hundred thousand Arabs found themselves homeless and stateless, living as refugees in the neighboring Arab countries.” ~ Tamim Ansary (Destiny Disrupted).



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