44 Beauty from Pain Quotes by Georgia Cates

Georgia Cates’s Beauty from Pain is the first novel in the Beauty Series.

Georgia Cates is the author of the Beauty Series, as well as many other books.


I have handpicked some of the great quotes from Beauty from Pain novel.

Beauty from Pain Quotes by Georgia Cates

“I don’t want you leaving here with my ankle-biter in your belly.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“Right now, all I’m thinking about is how I’m going to get you in my bed so I can show you all the ways I can make you come.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“Liar, liar. My pants are so on fire. And so is the rest of me.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“Music is what feelings sound like out loud. I sing songs that speak from my heart. They tell my story, how I feel.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“The iPhone isn’t a gift. It’s a booty-call device— his means of communicating with me about hooking up while he holds all the control. This is one way he remains untraceable.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“Nothing speaks louder than your heart. Listen to what it’s telling you.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“This man will be hazardous for my heart if I allow it. He’ll use me up if I let him. I know this without a doubt and remind myself of a lesson well learned not so long ago. Never confuse sex for love.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

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Quotes from Beauty from Pain

“You don’t always know the true worth of a women’s love until it becomes a memory.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“I didn’t love you the day I met you, or even a month later. But somewhere between hello and the goodbye I’m unable to bear” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“Laurelyn can be difficult to read at times, but she’s hurting and I want to give her the support she deserves. She damn sure doesn’t get it from anyone else in her life.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“His mouth is so close to mine, I feel his warm breath on my lips. “Right now, all I’m thinking about is how I’m going to get you in my bed so I can show you all the ways I can make you come.” Umm … yes, please and thank you.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“If I do this, something will go wrong and this man will hurt me. I know it as sure as I’m sitting here next to him feeling how much he makes me want to say yes.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“He’s tall with broad shoulders, the kind I’d like to run my hands across and glide down his strong arms. His dark hair is unruly in contrast to his businesslike attire…” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“This beautiful man has a dark side that draws me in, yet makes me want to run. I’ve never been more certain of anything in my life, and I wonder how I’ve allowed myself to be pulled in.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

Famous Beauty from Pain Quotes

“I know in that moment that I’ll never be able to tell him no to anything. I want to be the woman to make his fantasies real.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“Knowing how little she cares about the money I could spend, makes me want to buy her the world.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“We’ve shared countless kisses. They were almost always heated and demanding, but this one is entirely different. It tells me things he can’t or won’t say because it goes against everything he intends for our relationship.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“If I do this, something will go wrong and this man will hurt me. I know it as sure as I’m sitting here next to him feeling how much he makes me want to say yes.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“I’m not pretending this is anything more than a short-term relationship, but I like being with you even when there’s no sex involved. That means you’re not a booty call.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“It’s almost more than I can stand because I want to be the one to wipe away her tears, not the one to cause them.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“Mmm … I love me some him.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

Top Beauty from Pain Quotes by Georgia Cates

“I might not get what I want out of her by asking, but I have other methods of making this little bird sing.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“When the three months is over, so are we. I’ll move on and you will too. Because you won’t know my name or any identifying information about me, you’ll have no way to contact me. Ever.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“I don’t want my offer to be tempting. I want it to be irresistible, so tell me what it will take for you to say yes.” She studies me and grins. “I need time, and I need to know you better.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“This game has changed. The rules are no longer the same, but I don’t have the manual. He does, and I need guidance on where to go from here.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“Are you missing your filter, or is it an Aussie thing to blurt out every inappropriate thought you have?” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“That’s who I am to you from now on. No more Lachlan. No more pretending” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“I’ve known pain my whole life, but this is a new kind for me. It isn’t born of something wrong or ugly. This pain is conceived out of beauty – my love for Jack Henry McLachlan. I embrace it. I clutch it as tightly as I can with both fists because I never want to forget the love I have for him. Loving him will forever be my Beauty from Pain.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“I love her too much to let her leave and I need to tell her right this minute.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“I know he has something in mind because this man doesn’t fly by the seat of his pants. He’s done this enough to be calculating, his every move premeditated.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

Best Beauty from Pain Quotes

“You might as well be the devil.” “Baby, you’re the one holding the apple.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“The best way to get over somebody is to get under someone else” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“She finishes the chorus and shuts her eyes again. Her long legs bounce against the rail of the stool to keep rhythm and I fall victim to her siren’s song. She has bewitched me. And I want her. She’s the one.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“I can’t wait to have a naughty with you. You know it’s only a matter of time, and when I do, I’m going to make you come so hard.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“Which way? Lady’s choice.” She glances in both directions and shrugs as she points to her right. “Always go right and you’ll never go wrong.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“I think the odds of her killing me with sex are good, but what a way to go. At least I’ll die happy.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“My lasagne has been known to bring me to the knees.” “Baby, it doesn’t take food for you to bring me to my knees.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“She’s giving me that duh, really? look that my little sister gives me. Women must be born with that special talent.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

Amazing Beauty from Pain Quotes

“I want to tell her how her heart belongs to someone she’s yet to meet and she’ll be loved and adored by one bloody lucky man someday. She’ll have his babies just like she told me she wanted to do and he’ll love her in a way like she’s never known. But I can’t tell her these things. And I don’t know why.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“Good thing everyone’s gone for the next several days if she screams that loud every time she comes.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“She has bewitched me. And I want her. She’s the one.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).

“The combination of mouth breathing, beer drinking, and lack of oral hygiene during our travels has skunked things up. I don’t want to meet Addison’s brother for the first time and have him question which end is my face.” ~ Georgia Cates, Beauty From Pain.

“This whole Australia gig is about getting away from all that shit, not finding another pile of it.” ~ Georgia Cates, Beauty From Pain.

“Our precious time together feels like a candle with wicks burning at both ends. Once the flame meets in the middle, we’re over.” ~ Georgia Cates (Beauty from Pain).



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